image of a globe - tourism strategy

                                                                     TOURISM STRATEGY

This is the heart and soul of what we do. HPR will create a media-savvy strategy while helping develop your product so it’s market ready. We help you share the best of your business with the world by maximizing exposure within key visitor markets, representing your brand at media tourism conferences, and more.

Image of a bullseye - strategic planning


HPR will create a results-driven, customized PR plan that reaches your core goals and objectives. Whether annual or project-based planning, we secure maximum results where you want them.

image of a microphone - media relations


A trusted and go-to source, HPR has spent nearly a decade building trusted relationships with print, digital and broadcast media in Canada, the U.S. and international markets. We have a strong, proven history of securing compelling and engaging coverage across all platforms.

image of an envelope - press materials 


HPR understands the importance of high-quality print and digital assets. We have you covered with copywriting, press releases and media kits, photography and videography shoot coordination, and any other press collateral you require.

image of people - media hosting 


There’s nothing like media experiencing a product first-hand to relay your message and brand story in the most authentic way. We’re experts at pitching and securing media, coordinating memorable itineraries, and hosting fun and impactful familiarization trips – and we love doing it.

image of a handshake -industry relations


After years of working closely with top destination management organizations and key industry partners, HPR understands the importance of connecting our clients with the right players. From key business leaders and brands to Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), HPR has you covered. 

image of a rocket ship - event launch


Whether you’re throwing a launch party or an intimate product experience, HPR will create an event to remember, and oversee logistics from start to finish.


image of a hand  - social media 


Social media can help you grow your brand and increase sales. Allow us to launch a tailored social media relations strategy that develops a strong brand voice, facilitates partnerships with key influencers, increases awareness of your business, and ultimately leads to higher profits.